Cultural Activity

The Exhibitions


2014-04-29 – 2014-05-09

The Biblioteca Sormani, on the occasion of the EXPO IN THE CITY 2014 initiatives, hosted an exhibition dedicated to the panino whose curatorship was entrusted to the Italian Panino Academy. It showcased the various languages in which the panino was represented, from pop art to comics, from photography to cinema, embodying genuine social phenomena and investigating possible modes of consumption.

BETWEEN THE TWO, myths and ritual of the Panino
2013-01-01 – 2014-12-31

"Between the two" was the first Italian exhibition dedicated to the panino as a ritual and myth of contemporary society.
The exhibition curated by the Origin Steiner Studio with the curatorship of Alberto Capatti, showcases hundreds of documents, images and objects depicting the history, geography and traditions of the Italian Panino.

For the design and installation of the exhibition in 2014, the Italian Panino Academy received recognition and publication in the ADI Design Index 2014