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Il solito
Il solito

by: Alessandro Frassica

He learned the art of beauty in the fashion world and then kept it to one side, dedicating himself to his passion: making people happy at the table with a simple, irresistible, accessible and absolute proposal: The gourmet panino. His venue in Florence immediately became noted to foodies. His paninos are appreciated and ‘clicked’ around the world also because they conquer not only Florentines, but foreigners too, who are looking for the true flavours of Italy. Enthralling in his unmissable cooking shows in Italy and around the globe, he is a great ambassador of the Italian panino and its importance today.  


Ciabatta bread, Tuscan, cured ham, sheep’s cheese, pesto, fresh tomato, evo olive oil.


A panino that is born from the Tuscan tradition. Il solito panino was born 11 years ago from the idea of creating a recipe where ingredients could generate a balance of harmony, inspired by a classic panino from the Tuscan tradition, ham and sheep’s cheese: The Tuscan ham with its pleasant aroma, the fresh sheep’s cheese from Maremma with its softness and sweetness, the tapenade that melds the various flavours together and highlights the slight bitterness of the olive, the tomato for its freshness and acidity and finally, of course, a touch of good, extra virgin olive oil as a smooth, finishing taste.



The bread is heated in the oven; on one side the pesto is evenly spread, and on the other side slices of sheep’s milk cheese and cured ham are placed, then topped with a dash of good olive oil. Close the panino and press down and… bite it!


The Trabocco Ursini pesto is made with Leccino olives, tuna, capers, extra virgin olive oil, then blended together.

The fresh, pecorino cheese from the Seggiano Cheese Factory consists of pasteurised sheep’s cheese, fermented cow’s milk, rennet and salt.
The process begins with the pasteurisation of the milk at 72 degrees for 30 minutes, cooling to 36-38 degrees with added fermented cow’s milk and then a pause in the fermentation process, an addition of rennet and then coagulation, the filling of the moulds, smoking, dry salting and finally aging in a cell at 10 degrees for 7/20 days.

Homemade national matured ham: they are obtained from thighs of fat pigs, coming from controlled and selected pigs, born and raised in Italy.
After butchering, the rear quarter is separated from the pork half-carcass, and only after cooling the pork's thigh in a refrigerator at a
temperature of 0 ° to + 4 ° C, we proceed to the trimming: it consists in removing the parts of meat
and bones in excess to give the typical Tuscany shape to Prosciutto.
Subsequently it is salted, massaged with garlic, salt, pepper,
spices, natural flavors and placed in a cell on shelves covered with
salt and after a few days this operation is repeated.
Our hams, to obtain a semi-sweet taste, are not kept beyond 2 weeks in the salting cell .
After salting the hams are brushed and hung on shelves in the rest rooms for three months. After this period they are washed with warm water and dried in special rooms.
In the last phase of maturation, the hams are filled with a mixture
(edible fat, rice flour, garlic, salt and pepper) in order to prevent the scaling of the outer part and ensure proper drying.
Finally they will be sold after a maturing over 16 months.

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