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Milano 2015
Milano 2015

by: Claudio Sadler

Claudio Sadler, a Michelin star chef, began his collaboration with Panino Giusto in 2012. Three of his panino are today exported to Panino Giusto locations around the world. In September 2017, he created a panino together with a Japanese chef, expert in Italian food, for Panino Giusto Tokyo. The distinctive trait of Sadler’s Panino Giusto panino is the balance between tradition and allegiance to the Italian regions and his creative reinterpretation of these.


Parma ham, cured for 24 months, shaved Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 27month vintage Reggiano Parmesan cheese cream, lettuce, rocket, cream of artichoke, black pepper.


The Milano 2015 was created by chef Claudio Sadler for Panino Giusto with the purpose of celebrating the Expo, the international exhibition that took place in Milan in 2015 with the title “Nourish the Planet, energy for life”. With this panino (composed of Parma ham, cured for a minimum of 24 months in Langhirano, Parmigiano Reggiano brown cow’s cheese, of a 27month vintage, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, cream of artichoke, rocket and lettuce) Italy is represented through easily identifiable, memorable and exportable ingredients.



The Milano 2015 is a panino that presents many ingredients within it, therefore respect for the order and quantity of ingredients is vital! The ham is cut as thin as possible and all the sauces are spread in a homogenous manner over the bread. The two most important points to remember are to shave the balsamic vinegar and crack the black pepper over the panino at the last minute.


Our Parmigiano Reggiano is produced in a family run company in the hills of Parma. It is obtained from only brown cows, a particular breed that produces much less milk than the Frisone cows but for this reason it is much richer as the cows are bred on the Apennines of Parma and are free-range in the summer.

The Italian Prosciutto (dried, cured ham) comes from Langhirano, a small town in the heart of the hills that surround Parma, which is where the most delicate of Italian dried, cured ham is made. It is here that the ham is cured exclusively for at least 24 months, the necessary time to create a perfect balance in taste, thanks to the magical combination of the most favourable of conditions that are created in this location such as, for example, the sea breeze that comes from the Tyranean Sea and the unusual mix of aromas from the wood from the trees of the nearby mountains of the Emilian Apennines.

Food company specialising in restaurants. The artichoke cream is a mix of artichokes in oil.

Fruit and vegetable vendor that provides Panino Giusto with different varieties of salad, zucchini and pumpkin flowers.  

Leader in Italia in distribution to Foodservice.

The vinegar is solidified in the Central Kitchen of Panino Giusto and shaved during the preparation of the sandwich.

The Panificio Bollani has exclusively created three recipes for Panino Giusto. The typical French bread with one part of buckwheat, yeast base and a low quantity of salt.  The bread that’s made with flour from the wheat flour and arso grain, an unusual recipe for today and largely unknown, is traditionally obtained by grains gathered from the fields after having burnt the stubble, following harvesting. Both the colour and flavour are toasted and today completed with modern methods. The colour is an indication of its perfect contents. Finally, the bread type is mixed cereals and seeds with a natural yeast base.

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