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Panino Italia
Panino Italia

by: Gianluigi Mandico

The chef Gianluigi Mandico united the Mediterranean and Dolomitian cuisines, a mix of his roots and his work experience. He is extremely creative and this creativity brings him to produce new dishes and enchanting combinations that always satisfy the palate.


Ciabatta bread with Provola di Bufala cheese, dehydrated datterino tomatoes, green olives of Cerignola, cream of fried eggplant, Ariccia pork, Casolet with walnuts, rolled lard, rapini in oil, cream of Pecorino with myrtle, porcini mushrooms and Pino Mugo oil (mugo pine).


Panem is born as a “container” of products and specialties of the 20 Italian regions that we have decided to use in order to tell stories through panini and it is for this reason that we have created 20 panini – like the regions of Italy. They present a combination of ingredients that the whole world recognises as Italian patrimony, far and wide throughout Italy, crossing over all the regions, this is the mission of Panem.



The panino bread is born from a leavened starter dough that includes provola, dehydrated datterino tomatoes and Cerignola green olives. After being cut in half, the first half of the panino is covered with the cream of Pecorino with myrtle, and the other half with the cream of fried eggplant, then the Ariccia pork and the Casolet with walnuts. In finishing, the rolled lard, rapini in oil and porcini mushrooms are added, topped with a drizzle of Pino Mugo oil.


The Casolet is a typical cheese of the Valle di Sole, with hundreds of years of tradition behind it. 
It was commonly produced in summer in mountain cottages as well as the beginning of autumn in most farming families. It is still produced in the Caseificio Sociale Presanella di Mezzana, which has been key in building value towards this product. The Casolet has a sweet taste and there is also a version with walnuts that adds to the taste.  

The Ariccia pork is produced by the Norcineria of Danilo Azzocchi.
It all began in 1830 when Augusto Azzocchi, also known as “Pisone” created an art… an art which, over the generations, was taught by father to son. What art? The art of the Pork, but not just any pork, the true Ariccian pork.
Today it is Danilo who is bringing the traditions forward into the future, putting his body and soul into an innovative job of revolutionising the quality and aesthetics of his art, following the complete process from the butchering to the production process and finally the selection of the type and quantity of the condiments.
The Pork of Danilo Azzocchi distinguishes itself by its quality and freshness, an artisanal production, cared for even in the finer details.


Primitivizia, a neologism of Primitivo (primitive) and Delizia (delight), holds the passion for the work that, from the Trentino mountains to the table brings mountain herbs in their purity.
The Pino Mugo oil (or Mugolio), from Mugo and Olio, is an extract of the Pino Mugo seeds (Pinus Montana Miller), coming from the pine family. Typical of mountain areas, it has been used since ancient times for its balsamic and expectorate qualities. It appears to be a sweet resin and has a strong, sweet and aromatic flavour. It is the final touch for the Panino Italia.

Bontà Sarde is always looking for rich Sardinian cheeses from smaller cheese producers in the Sardinian territory. It offers Sardinian pecorino, goat and cow’s milk cheese.
The techniques used for the cheese making are the traditional techniques used by the farmers. The knowledge of the island cheesemakers, together with the need to respect hygiene norms and modern technology allow for the possibility to make the cream of Pecorino with myrtle, sure of its rich characteristics, variety of flavours and aromas from the territory.

Ciabatta bread with Provola di Bufala cheese from Campana, dehydrated datterino tomatoes, green olives of Cerignola, is a bread dough produced by the ovens of Panem. 

Rapini are the flowers of turnips and represent a big part of Neapolitan cooking, which is known around the world.
Società Agricola Masseria dello Sbirro is a farm within the Vesuvio National Park.

At the beginning of the 1970s in rural Veneto, the passion of Billo and his brothers was the base of the founding of a small farm that makes salami.
The combination of spices and natural aromas, the selection of the best meat in the country and the respect for the time needed in the aging process is what makes Salumi Fratelli Billo and their products known and faithful to the traditional recipes of Veneto.
And so today, the salami makers F.lli Billo are a main producer of traditional Venetian salami, using modern technology for continual innovation in taste and in the image of a product that is rich in history and quality.
The original rolled lard, that today boasts many imitation products, is actually a traditional Venetian recipe: pieces of lard worked in an artisanal way with an ancient method that salts the lard dry and is then massaged with the salt, aromatic plants and spices.

My Name is Sicilia is a young, Sicilian company that proposes and exports traditional, Sicilian products, such as fried eggplant, which makes the eggplant more flavoursome.
In the Panino Italia the cream of fried eggplant chosen was produced by this company.

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