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Porchetta Regina
Porchetta Regina

by: Raffaele Venditti

Raffaele Venditti was born on 10thSeptember 1985, and lives with his wife Francesca and their two beautiful daughters Patrizia and Agnese at Luco dei Marsi in Abruzzo. From a young age he entered into the family business of Venditti Porchetta, a mobile business. He learned his craft early but was also deeply involved in study. He completed his degree in Economics and Management in Pescara. Manager of Venditti Food he was successful over the years: Italian Pork Champion in 2010 and 2011, creator of the brand Venditti Tiporisto, the best panino in Italy with the "L'Abruzzese" panino in the "Oscar Street Food" competition, creator of the format "Rubrica Nostrana".


Rosetta with Italian Champion, spit roasted Pork.


Spit Roasted Pork, which is at the centre of parties and village fairs, is today a point of reference for street food. Spit-roasted pork is the Queen of Street food – this is a typical food from central Italy, which, according to the most reliable food critics, has climbed the ‘taste rankings’. For The New York Times it is one of the five original most foods that should be tasted at least once in life. So how could the Queen of Pork Panino not be created? Paradoxically, today the return to ‘the vintage’ takes us to a stark improvement in national street food, we understand the need to consume healthy foods that are genuinely attached to our land, unearthing traditional work processes that are highly manual and natural. Our promise for the future is healthy and genuine street food. That being said, the “Queen of Pork” panino is a monument that consecrates the spit-roasted pork as an Italian patrimony in the world. The spit-roasted pork of Venditti known as “Italian Champion, spit roasted Pork”, is the most loved by Italians because it reflects the needs and tastes of all Italians from around the country. Therefore, it is a pork that is no longer connected directly to one region – Abruzzo, but a pork that is ambitious and that has overridden its own expectations, winning over the palates of the Italians and their needs. But not only, the way pork is eaten has changed, up until recently the term spit-roasted pork only indicated the pork consumed at local food fairs, Venditti moved the attention towards different consumption habits.



The “Italian Champion, spit roasted Pork” is a niche product, as it is original and handmade according to historical recipes handed down through generations. With regard to the preparation of the panino, take a 70g rosetta bread panino, open it horizontally, cut the pork with a kitchen knife with a straight blade and not a serrated edge (this is very important). Use a kitchen spatula to put the pork on the bottom half of the rosetta bread. Cut the slices of pork in a homogenous and compact way, mixing evenly the fatty and lean slices of meat in order to balance the flavours; and finally add a touch of finely cut crust in small pieces.


The Venditti, Italian Champion, spit roasted Pork holds a few specific characteristics. 
The crust: it must present a consistent, crunchy crust, a brown, almost orange colour but be bright with a flavoursome taste and an aroma that reminds of toasted peanut in the upper part. The depth of the crust is rather fine. In the lower part of the crust, a soft layer of prized lard surrounds the pork, which is an indication of quality as it implies the animal was healthy. The meat: it must have a compact consistency, succulent and clear, with the aroma of rosemary, garlic and black pepper. The pork inside the external layer must have a soft consistency, more so than the lower part, or in the underbelly area, with a lighter consistency in the upper part, conserving the right amount of oiliness. The visual aspect: the pork appears compact in all its parts, homogenous, of a high level of juiciness. It has no internal organs or offal left. Its compactness is a result of a slow cooking, which is an important aspect of the Italian champion, spit roasted pork. The laboratory has several areas where the whole production cycle is completed, whilst respecting the traditional, historical recipes, improved and perfected by the use of the latest generation of machines.

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