Certificate of authenticity


What is the mark of authenticity

What is the mark of authenticity

What is it?
It is an official acknowledgement awarded to the Panino Italiano, i.e. the Panino continuously designed and prepared in a restaurant both in Italy and abroad that meets the preparation requirements defined by the Fondazione Accademia del Panino Italiano.

Who is authorized to bestow it?
A super partes independent certifying body specialized in food designation and certification. The identification of the proper authority is under investigation.

How can it be exhibited?
It is a true brand, so the restaurants offering one or more Panini Italiani can imprint it on the menus, stick it on their windows or hang the framed Certificate on the wall, as well as choose any other installation agreed with the Management of the Fondazione Accademia del Panino Italiano.

The restaurants that required and obtained the certification for one or more Panini Italiani, can lean on the integrated communication system ensured by the Accademia del Panino Italiano, which was established to enhance both the project and each single partaker.

The communication plan includes entering into the exclusive PANINO ITALIANO App, the first App to find the Panino Italiano certified by the Accademia del Panino closest to you in the world! You can choose it according to the distance as well as according to the ingredients you are craving for.


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What is the Blockchain?
The Blockchain is a technology that allows you to save information on a shared registry: the data, instead of being stored on a single computer, is distributed on tens of thousands of computers, making it immutable and immune to counterfeiting. Thanks to this feature, the Blockchain is perfect for recording information about the history of food products, since it allows companies to communicate in an absolutely transparent manner with their consumers: with just a few clicks, they are able to discover everything they want to know about the food they put on their plate, or the wine in their glass: what the ingredients are, where they come from, when they were made and by which company, whether any chemical agent was used in the process, details on the territory in which they were produced... There is really no limit to the degree of transparency companies can achieve thanks to this incredible technology, which is emerging worldwide as a synonym of quality and reliability.

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