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The history


The History of the Foundation

The Italian Panino Academy Foundation was established on 15 September 2015, with the aim of transforming this little Italian culinary speciality into a world of its own, creating a central focus for ideas, thoughts, exhibitions, events and initiatives.
It is an organisation that aims to create a network of producers, artisans and creatives with the shared goal of exporting Italian quality abroad.
It is a place of knowledge, research and dialogue.
It is a place for sharing projects between groups competing together and not against one other.

The Place of academy

The Italian Panino Academy Foundation is headquartered in Milanjust a few minutes from the centre, in a conservatively renovated, post-industrial district between the Bocconi University and the IED school of design. Occupying an area of 1,200 square metres filled with natural light thanks to the large windows and 40-metre long vault, it is the ideal space for hosting initiatives, exhibitions and events, formats that can be replicated in Italy and abroad. The Academy is a place for education, discussion and dissemination of the culture of the Italian Panino.


To raise awareness and knowledge of the Italian Panino around the world.


To create an international current of empathy, understanding and study of the production, distribution and culinary industry behind the Italian Panino.


To promote and support the producers of Italian excellence in their efforts to internationalise the distribution and dissemination of their brand


To engage chefs, restaurant owners, panino makers and chefs all over the world in the art of creating, preparing and serving the Italian Panino


For the three-year period 2016-2018, the objective of the Italian Panino Academy is to involve as many Producers, Artisans, Restaurateurs, Italian Chefs Italian and influencers as possible in supporting and disseminating the values of Italian Panino: TRADITION, CRAFTSMANSHIP, CREATIVITY.

Honors and awards

  • Accademia del Panino Italiano was selected for participation in the XXIV Edition of the Compasso d'Oro Award and was published on Adi Design Index 2014
  • Finalist in Gold Medal Award for Italian Architecture 2015.
  • Commended in the architecture contest 'Ceramics and design'.
  • Accademia del Panino Italiano has received the Angi award for the Food & Agritech 2018 category

The stage

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  1. Creation of a MANIFESTO outlining the terms of identity of the Italian Panino

  2. Creation of a PROTOCOL setting out the process for making and arranging an Italian Panino

  3. Certification of the Italian Panino around the world through a Certifying Body

  4. Selection of bars, restaurants, clubs and food trucks where to find a sandwich made at the time and creation of a digital guide that collects all the addresses.

  5. Support operators in the sector by offering services dedicated to them.